Creating Offer Templates

You just acquired a very important new customer and you’re ready to start preparing a proposal for them. You need to put all the pieces together, and forgetting or leaving anything out of the offer is not an optionYou aren’t worried, though, because you know that when you open VariSales Basic, you’ll have everything you need to deliver your proposal right there in the system!

As salespeople one of our biggest fears when presenting a quote to a customer is that we’ll leave something out. Nothing screams “Unprofessional!” more than having to go back to your customer to correct an offer. 

Even though we usually go over the details more than once, when the pull of products is so big and the different possible configurations of each one of them are so wide, the chances of getting it wrong increase exponentially.

It’s easy to get lost and forget to include something. Having a simple software that allows you to define the product in a clear, foolproof way is the dream!

VariSales Basic simplifies the process of creating an offer by using an offer template. The admin interface allows you to define an offer template to make sure all aspects of the offer are always included. The templates can be customized with your company’s branding and signature, and you can even have multiple versions in different languages!

You can also very easily edit offer templates in the system by adding different attributes to it. You can add your own offer template with your preferred text to the system as well. The template allows you to manage the offer attributes in the headers, footers, or in the main text, as well as in the tables.

How to Create an Offer Template in VariSales Basic Admin

  • Step 1.  Download the template by clicking on the offer letter ID.
  • Step 2.  Edit the template in MS Word and/or add a Map Offer AttributeAdd the code of the attribute you wish to include in the offer in the position that you want it!
  • Step 3.  Save the file.
  • Step 4.  Upload the file to the VariSales Basic Admin tool.
  • Step 5.  Click on “Update”.
  • Watch the GIF below to see how it’s done!

The attribute map shows you which fields from the offer will appear in the offer letter that the client will receive. When you open the offer letter template in MS Word you can edit the fields by changing the attributes map. You can:

• Add your own offer template with the text as you like.
• Have offer attributes in headers, footers, or in the text.
• Manage tables as well.

How to Modify the Data in an Offer Template

  • Step 1.  After downloading the “List of Usable Attributes” PDF, copy the fields you want to include from the attributes list.
  • Step 2.  Right-click on the attribute you want to modify.
  • Step 3.  Select “Edit Field”.
  • Step 4.  Add the attributes as field names replacing only the text between the brackets  «${text!}».
  • Step 5.  Select “None” in the “Formatted” field.
  • Step 6.  Click on “OK”.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to create the offer template!