Sending an Offer to a Customer

As salespeople, we basically live for this moment. Well, not exactlywe live for the results of this moment. That moment when we put down all the research, infinite meetings, numerous turns, adjustments, and hard work into writing, with the hope that our offer is so great that our customers just can’t say no to it.

What good would it be to have gathered all this information and configured the product exactly as our customer needs it, if we didn’t send the offer to them? We’re finally ready for the last step of this process, so let’s finish what we’ve started and go over how we send an offer to a customer in VariSales!

Follow the steps below to learn how to send the offer to your customer! Hover your cursor over the flip boxes below to flip them.

Flip through the images below to see how the process is done!

Great! Now the offer is ready to email it to your customer.